•                                      Chairman

    Engr.Muhammed Akbar Khan

                                                         Chief Executive Officer

    Naeem Akthar



Making haste to clean waste at Bahawalpur Waste Management Company, we feel and care about the city we live in. Besides performing operational duties to maintain cleanliness in Bahawalpur, we are spreading the word to involve communities and make them own the Clean Bahawalpur motto so that we leave this city to future generations in a better shape than we were given it. Committed to turn Bahawalpur into one of the cleanest cities on world's map, we have introduced an efficient, improved and integrated SWM system that can cater the growing population's requirements. In doing so, we are also trying to contribute to a sustainable SWM system by:

  • 1. Encouraging communities to reduce waste at source
  • 2. Increasing public engagment with BWMC
  • 3. Creating safer disposal sites
  • 4. Safe transportaion of waste
  • 5.Providing the Best SWM Services