Company Profile

Establishment of BWMC

Bahawalpur Waste Management Company (BWMC) is incorporated as limited by Guarantee Company under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 on July 13, 2013 and registered with Registrar Joint Stock Companies (RJSC) as a non-profit organization. The BMWC is governed by aBoard of Directors (BODs), headed by a Chairman.

A Services and Asset Management Agreement (SAMA) between MC Bahawalpur and BWMC, all the functions and assets of SWM department of MC Bahawalpur and the TMAs has been entrusted to BWMC. BWMC aims to develop an integrated system of solid waste management to ensure efficient collection, transportation, recovery, treatment and disposal of the waste generated in Bahawalpur.

BWMC aims for establishing an efficient, transparent, responsive, sustainable and integrated Solid Waste Management System in Bahawalpur.

Developing institutional capacity that may enable continuous improvements for quality-based service delivery through the best available resources to attain Zero-Waste level.

• Promote Leadership, Empowerment and Accountability
• Pursue Highest Standards of cleanliness
• Value workers as the most important resource
• Promote innovation in field of waste management
• Advocate Teamwork aligned with company objectives
• Conserve Environment by minimizing solid waste footprint
• Develop transparent systems of procurement and operation

The Company is governed by its Board of Directors Comprising of professionals from Public / Private Sector with requisite range of skills, knowledge, experience to make it properly composed & structured and to enhance the core competence of the Board. The CEO of the Company is responsible for smooth running of Company’s operations, to manage day to day-to-day Company’s affairs and implementing strategies and policies approved by the Board.

The Company acknowledges the importance of corporate social responsibility and necessary measures are taken to fulfill its responsibilities. The Company being a service provider in nature of business undertakes necessary measures in respect of solid waste management and environment protection and safety and health of its employees. The Company has established proper systems and procedures to avoid corruption and to operate the Company in a professional and ethical manner to protect the citizens of Bahawalpur and also otherwise. The Company has excellent relationships with its peers, bankers, regulators and other relevant institutions/organizations.

Complaint Re-dressal System
BWMC has established Complaint Re-dressal System wherein the citizens of Bahawalpur can easliy lodge thier complans by using the helpline 1139.

Monitoring of SWM operations through IT tools

Ttrackers have been installed on all the operational vehicles to ensure the effeicient & satisfactory waste collection. The VTMS is cost effective and efficient.